RC Drilling Services

Northspan provides contract RC drilling services to clients all over Canada. We drill for commodities ranging from gold and diamonds to uranium and frac sands. No matter where we drill, whether it is in southern British Columbia or in northern Saskatchewan, our drills give our clients a competitive edge.

This is particularly true in arctic and permafrost areas, where the efficiency of our light-weight RC drills becomes even more pronounced. Arctic and permafrost areas are "cold desert areas" where access to water can be limited. For the most part, Northspan RC drills require little or no water to operate successfully in arid conditions.

RC vs Core drilling The rest of the world already knows RC. Do you?

Northspan’s Hornet RC drill is used for fast drilling down to a maximum depth of 200 meters. The Hornet is versatile, its jobs range from basal till sampling to target testing and definition drilling plus everything in between.

The Hornet RC drill was originally designed to answer the question: “Is it mineralized or not?”

At the grassroots drilling stage of a project, the goal is to find out whether an exploration target is mineralized or not. If so, the target will be slated for further work. If not, you move on to the next target.

If your budget only allows you to drill a portion of your targets, how do you know which ones to drill?

Even with high quality geological, geochemical and geophysical work carried out prior to drilling it is difficult to rank exploration targets with any degree of certainty. History knows plenty of cases where the 22nd, 87th or 106th ranked target turned out to be the “discovery hole”. Because of this, being able to test more targets by using the most effective drilling method available will significantly increase your chances of discovery. We need to forget about drilling $100,000 pre-discovery drill holes and start using the right tool for first pass exploration drilling. Spend as little as possible on barren holes!